Anchor link, aka. jump link. Usually used for jumping to a specific location on page.

When you search on Google for a solution on anchor link in email, you probably will be directed to below posts.

Tutorial: How to Add Anchor Links in Emails - Email Design Workshop
Anchor Link functionality across email clients | Campaign Monitor

After you read through both posts, you probably will notice that Anchor links disabled as of iOS 8. And that's true. But sometimes clients won't buy it, because there are too much important information they want the customer to know within a single email, especially for pharmacies. :-p

We come up with this quick solution while I know it's actually not an anchor link in email anymore. But that does work for some of our clients.

The way is using "View Online Link" also known as VAWP(View As Web Page) link. Because Safari won't disable anchor link, so if it's opened outside email, customer can still jump to the right spot. So technically in SFMC, the link will looks like: %%view_email_url%%#theAnchor

Definitely, you could also link the to client's site which contains the content of the specific location of your email.

And if you only want to targeting Apple Device, you can do show/hide with below query.

@supports (-webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch) and (color:#ffff) {
/* Insert CSS here */

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